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Marc Days received his undergraduate degree from the University of California at Berkeley. In 1996, he graduated from the University of Virginia. Upon graduating from law school, Marc served in the Bay Area as a civil rights attorney, litigating against major corporations and government entities. Marc represented a variety of clients, ranging from the mentally disabled, to parents asserting religious liberties, to victims of discrimination or police misconduct, to contractors and service providers on public works projects, to persons injured in automobile accidents or on the operating table.

Marc obtained substantial results for his clients. He also appeared and prevailed before local and state commissions and the California Court of Appeal. In 2001, he successfully briefed, argued, and obtained a reversal litigating against the largest law firm in the state on behalf of a minority subcontractor on a public works project at the University of California at Berkeley. Holland v. Morse Diesel International, Inc., 86 Cal.App.4th 1443 (2001).

In 2004, Marc accepted a position with the Fresno County Public Defender to advocate for one of the most fundamental civil rights, liberty. With the approval of the Public Defender, Marc continued to advocate on behalf of his Bay Area clients. While with the Fresno County Public Defender Marc thrived on taking cases to trial that others thought hopeless, further developing his skills at challenging the admissibility of evidence and creating an appellate record.

In 2007, Marc accepted a position in the Fresno office of the Federal Defender for the Eastern District of California. Marc has successfully excluded and suppressed evidence, including state and federal wiretaps. Marc has extensive federal criminal defense experience involving a broad range of crimes, including distribution and manufacture of controlled substances, including synthetic and analog substances; crimes of violence; firearms; bank robbery; racketeering; sex trafficking; internet crimes; sex crimes; child pornography; identity theft; theft; mail and wire fraud; money laundering; structuring; and tax fraud. While at the Federal Defender, Marc merged his skills as a defense attorney, civil rights advocate, litigator, and trial attorney.

In 2015, Marc left the Federal Defender and started the Days Law Firm. The firm has represented clients charged with committing federal and state crimes ranging from murder, racketeering, distribution of controlled substances, offenses for the benefit of a gang, sex trafficking, sex offenses, burglary, money laundering, structuring, tax fraud, mail fraud, embezzlement, theft, firearms offenses, domestic violence, and DUIs.


Your Success Is Our Success
  • A great lawyer

    “Marc is a great attorney he beat my case I would highly recommend him to anybody who needs a great attorney he Wrote me out a check for the money he did not use on my case He also made me feel like ...”

    - Joseph
  • Proven himself to be dependable and a winner

    “I had the pleasure of Mr. Days representing me on a case, in the past. I say that it was a pleasure because he was very knowledgeable, trustworthy, reliable, always prepared, punctual and upbeat. He ...”

    - Ms. Mitchell
  • He's one of the best, if not the best, Attorneys I've dealt with

    “Marc is an excellent Attorney. He was thorough and diligent with my case, communicated well throughout, and fought to achieve my desired result. A simple consultation with Marc will tell you all you ...”

    - Stephen
  • Marc Days is a damn good lawyer.

    “His opening statement was a thing of beauty and he had all of the jurors on their toes. I beat the first-degree murder and second-degree murder as it is a lesser included charge.”

    - Juwan
  • He earned my trust and worked for me tirelessly.

    “Marc fought for me and my family from start to finish and even checked on me after from time to time to make sure I was good and ask if I needed anything. He earned my trust and worked for me tirelessly.”

    - Aaron


Proven Track Record
  • Conviction Reversed People v. Doe

    Drug distribution federal trial, conviction reversed for overruling Marc’s request for information and evidence helpful to the defense.

  • Bail Reduced from $1 Million to $30,000 People v. Guerrero, et al

    Bail Reduced from $1 million to $30,000 following dismissal of 5 out 6 charges at the preliminary hearing.

  • Bank Robbery Conviction Reversed People v. Jiminez

    Bank robbery trial, conviction reversed for overruling Marc’s objection to the admission of DNA evidence.

  • Sentenced to Probation and Released People v. Rodriguez, et al

    Charged with beating a correctional officer with his own baton, jury votes 10-2 not guilty. Client pleads to non-serious felony and gets released from custody that day.

  • Charges Dismissed - Insanity Defense United States v. Brown

    Federal trial for charge of attempted murder, hung jury based on insanity defense, charge dismissed.

  • Not Guilty Verdict United States v. Ferguson

    Federal trial, not guilty of first and second degree murder.

  • Govt. Motion for $3.1 Million Denied United States v. Habash, et al

    Federal synthetic drug case, drug charges dismissed in exchange for plea to violating a financial reporting requirement, district court denied government's motion for a money judgment of $3.1 million.

  • 10 Year Mandatory Minimum Charge Dismissed United States v. Mitchell

    An alleged drug deal gone bad, four people shot, two people died. Negotiated dismissal of the 10-year mandatory minimum, the government argued for 20 years, after hearing Marc the court imposed an 8-year sentence. Read the transcript below.

  • Motion Suppression of Wiretaps United States v. Reyna

    Marc represented a client charged with distribution of methamphetamine, conspiracy to distribute and manufacture methamphetamine, and possession of chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine. Wiretaps suppressed.

  • 15 Year Mandatory Minimum Charge Dismissed United States v. York, et al

    Conspiracy to commit murder in aid of racketeering and sex trafficking by force charges, negotiated dismissal of 15 to life charge, with a likely guideline range of 360 months to life. After hearing Marc, the court imposed a 10-year sentence. Read the transcript below.


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