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Fresno Violent Crime Attorney

Aggressive Defense to Violent Crime Charges in California

Violent crimes generally involve the use, or threatened use, of force against another person. As such, they are heavily pursued by law enforcement and aggressively prosecuted in state and federal courts. These types of crimes may or may not involve firearms or other weapons. Many will carry prison terms, fines, long probation periods, and restitution to victims. They will leave you with a permanent criminal record that can create a negative stigma in the future, make employment and housing difficult, and can lead to deportation hearings for noncitizens.

If you or someone you know is being investigated or has been charged at the state or federal level with a violent crime, it is strongly urged that you seek competent and dedicated legal representation. You should never speak to anyone about your case without the protections that an attorney can provide. If you are being investigated, an attorney may be able to prevent charges being filed in the first place under certain circumstances. For all these advantages and more, you can bring your case to an experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled attorney at the Days Law Firm. Our Fresno violent crime attorney can thoroughly review and investigate your arrest, uncover weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case, negotiate for favorable results, and strongly fight for your best outcome in court.

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The Days Law Firm Can Provide the Legal Help You Need

In cases charging a violent crime, let alone any crime, whether at the state or federal level, the prosecutor must prove each element of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Our Fresno violent crime lawyer knows how to investigate and prepare your case for trial, uncovering all facts regarding your arrest and the circumstances surrounding the offense, which can put you in the best position for the best outcome. Our representation may be able to show that you did not have the intent to harm or that certain elements of the crime are doubtful. In any event, your chances for a favorable outcome can be increased with our thorough and aggressive approach.

Reach out to our Fresno violent crime attorney at (559) 550-5002 to learn more about your legal situation and options.

Thousands of Cases Successfully Handled

Strong & Effective Defense
  • United States v. York, et al 15 Year Mandatory Minimum Charge Dismissed

    Conspiracy to commit murder in aid of racketeering and sex trafficking by force charges, negotiated dismissal of 15 to life charge, with a likely guideline range of 360 months to life. After hearing Marc, the court imposed a 10-year sentence. Read the transcript below.

  • People v. Rodriguez, et al Sentenced to Probation and Released

    Charged with beating a correctional officer with his own baton, jury votes 10-2 not guilty. Client pleads to non-serious felony and gets released from custody that day.

  • People v. Guerrero, et al Bail Reduced from $1 Million to $30,000

    Bail Reduced from $1 million to $30,000 following dismissal of 5 out 6 charges at the preliminary hearing.

  • United States v. Habash, et al Govt. Motion for $3.1 Million Denied

    Federal synthetic drug case, drug charges dismissed in exchange for plea to violating a financial reporting requirement, district court denied government's motion for a money judgment of $3.1 million.

  • People v. Jiminez Bank Robbery Conviction Reversed

    Bank robbery trial, conviction reversed for overruling Marc’s objection to the admission of DNA evidence.

  • People v. Doe Conviction Reversed

    Drug distribution federal trial, conviction reversed for overruling Marc’s request for information and evidence helpful to the defense.

  • United States v. Reyna Motion Suppression of Wiretaps

    Marc represented a client charged with distribution of methamphetamine, conspiracy to distribute and manufacture methamphetamine, and possession of chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine. Wiretaps suppressed.

  • United States v. Ferguson Not Guilty Verdict

    Federal trial, not guilty of first and second degree murder.

  • United States v. Brown Charges Dismissed - Insanity Defense

    Federal trial for charge of attempted murder, hung jury based on insanity defense, charge dismissed.

  • United States v. Mitchell 10 Year Mandatory Minimum Charge Dismissed

    An alleged drug deal gone bad, four people shot, two people died. Negotiated dismissal of the 10-year mandatory minimum, the government argued for 20 years, after hearing Marc the court imposed an 8-year sentence. Read the transcript below.


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