• I would highly recommend Marc!
    Marc Days is one of the best! His perseverance and dedication gave me the best possible outcome for my criminal case. Since the start, he explained everything in detail, thoroughly answered all my questions and clarified any doubts. Every part of the case went exactly as he mentioned. Marc is very knowledgeable and knows how to maneuver the court system.
    He moved very quickly with my case. Regardless of the complexity of the case, in a month, he dismissed 5 out of the 6 charges I was facing! He successfully reduced my felony to a misdemeanor with time served and no probation. Moreover, he reduced my bail from 1 million to $30,000!
    I would highly recommend Marc! Aside from being a great human being, he is the dedicated attorney you need to help you keep your freedom.

    P.S. Even after years, we still have contact. He checks-in, asks about family and gives advice on life in general.

    - Kimberly

  • Marc stepped up and fought hard for me

    Marc Days guided me through a dark time. I was arrested for DUI with flimsy evidence by aggressive law enforcement officers on federal land and I thought my life would be ruined, my job lost. Marc was able to help me keep my commercial driver's license from being suspended immediately by the DMV and got all federal DUI charges dropped by playing hardball with the federal prosecutors, who definitely would have made me cave in and plead guilty to charges that were false simply because I would not have known what my options were, or the legal process. When I felt helpless, Marc stepped up and fought hard for me and won a just and satisfying outcome because of his expertise in federal cases and how to handle tough talking prosecutors. Marc had my back any time I started to worry or feel down about my situation. He is a true pro and a big hitter in your corner.

    - Robert

  • Humble, strong, confident

    Marc Days did an incredible job! Walking into a world of horrible trouble when my husband was arrested I didn’t know what to do. We were referred to many different lawyers but Mr. Days stood out the most. Speaking with Days felt comfortable and by his confidence I knew that he knew what he was doing from the gate. He never made me feel like I had to question his decisions nor did he pretend to make anything feel like it was something other then what it was when it came to my husband case. From day one of walking in his office I knew we would be okay. Days did all he could do and did it with a passion we knew that he cared and did his best no questions asked. Humble, strong, confident and a God fearing man who goes over n beyond for his clients. My family and I greatly appreciate all that he did.

    - Kimberly

  • You get the best of both worlds
    I don't have much experience with lawyers but I got to say, Marc Days has set the bar very high for any future lawyers. Marc is a very caring individual who does not care just about the case. He also care about the wellbeing of his client. He helped me with my case and was able to get me the best result. His professionalism and communication skills are excellent. Through out the whole process he was very reassuring and answered all of my questions very clearly. With Marc, you get the best of both worlds. An amazing knowledgeable, resourceful lawyer and a man with a heart of gold. I highly recommend him. Save yourself some time and call him now!

    - Jose

  • A great lawyer
    Marc is a great attorney he beat my case I would highly recommend him to anybody who needs a great attorney he Wrote me out a check for the money he did not use on my case He also made me feel like family He did not make me feel like a criminal. I would definitely use him again but I hope I don't need to. Thank Marc

    - Joseph

  • Proven himself to be dependable and a winner

    I had the pleasure of Mr. Days representing me on a case, in the past. I say that it was a pleasure because he was very knowledgeable, trustworthy, reliable, always prepared, punctual and upbeat. He would always conduct himself in a professional manner and presented all material clearly and concise. If I ever needed an attorney again, God forbid, I would definitely utilize him. I would also recommend / refer him to others, as he had a positive disposition and demeanor. Not only was he an excellent lawyer, but my case was won in my favor. I know that this was a result of his hard work, dedication and commitment to serving me.

    Mr. Days, in my opinion, is unquestionably that "go to" type of lawyer, as he has proven himself to be dependable and a winner.

    - Ms. Mitchell

  • He's one of the best, if not the best, Attorneys I've dealt with
    Marc is an excellent Attorney. He was thorough and diligent with my case, communicated well throughout, and fought to achieve my desired result.

    A simple consultation with Marc will tell you all you need to know. His belief system and strong family values are evident in his demeanor and he's always a pleasure to speak with. He covered every aspect of my case from top to bottom. The entire process went exactly as he said it would and he established an unbeatable defense. His aggressive and strategic style of representation was highly successful for us. I only appeared in Court once during the entire process.

    Three things occurred which I believe define Marc as an Attorney:

    1) First and foremost, he obtained the result I wanted (Other Attorneys told me it wasn't possible and to accept a plea deal);

    2) Marc presented our arguments extremely well in Court, so well in fact that others in the courtroom with their own attorney approached me and asked for his information;

    3) When all was said and done, the Court sent me follow-up paperwork with a discrepancy. Within 5 minutes of bringing it to his office Marc personally contacted the court clerk and demanded they correct it immediately. Within 5 minutes Marc handed me corrected paperwork and I was on my way. The swift turnaround was amazing to witness.

    He's one of the best, if not the best, Attorneys I've dealt with. Most of the time I was in awe of his intellectual prowess and commanding persona. I would highly recommend Marc to anybody needing legal representation. 

    Bonus: He checks in with me from time-to-time just to chat. Very personable and likeable guy.

    - Stephen

  • He knows the IN’s and OUT’s of the Federal System.
    Marc Days is hands down the best lawyer here in the Fresno Area. He helped me out tremendously to fight a Federal Case I was indicted in. He knows the IN’s and OUT’s of the Federal System. When we were going over my case Marc said a number of times he was going to get me the best possible deal in my situation, in which he did. I applaud Marc for having the patience with me in explaining how the Federal System Works and what I was looking at as far as time in prison would be if I took it to trial. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here right now, so I thank you Marc Days from the bottom of my heart.

    - Carlos

  • He earned my trust and worked for me tirelessly.

    Marc fought for me and my family from start to finish and even checked on me after from time to time to make sure I was good and ask if I needed anything. He earned my trust and worked for me tirelessly.

    - Aaron

  • Marc Days is a damn good lawyer.
    Marc Days represented me in my 2009 homicide trial. Marc Days is an excellent attorney, he was amazing during the trial and he only had one month to prepare. His opening statement was a thing of beauty and he had all of the jurors on their toes. I beat the first-degree murder and second-degree murder as it is a lesser included charge. I was found guilty of manslaughter and given an 8-year sentence and the prosecution offered 14 years. Marc Days is a damn good lawyer.

    - Juwan